ZT Vulcan for Joomla 2.5

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ZT Vulcan for Joomla 2.5

ZT Vulcan for Joomla 2.5
You are fond of cars owning modern style, high speed, smart color and high durability. Let JV Vulcan - a brand-new car magazine joomla template of zootemplate.com help you to share that indulgence with customers

JV Vulcan’s modern design with extremely effective space exploitation and suitable combination of three main colors: green, yellow and red creating your cars’ modern and smart beauty.

Besides, this template must be preferred due to useful menus such as: Moo submenu, Moo menu, Split menu and Css menu.

In addition, JV Vulcan also supplies SEO friendly feature extremely significant to websites because it makes a remarkable increase in access. Advanced SEO plays decisive role to success in business.

Last but not least, JV Vulcan is integrated four exclusive modules such as JV Video, JV Headline, JV News and JV Latest news. JV Video is a fast module allowing to play video from the third party sources such as Youtube.com only with simple action. JV Vulcan also allows you to make an effective introduction of cars in a large and flexible slideshow with short information. You can take advantage of JV News to display news in order that more contents can be seen at the same time. And visitors shall easily update information with JV Latest news.






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