ZT Termino for Joomla 2.5

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ZT Termino for Joomla 2.5

ZT Termino for Joomla 2.5
with inspiration from summer, JV Termino is preferred by bright colors including orange, violet and blue combined with supple lines which are especially suitable to display artistic works or express your personality. This combination helps to create JV Termino’s good impression right at the first access to websites.

this successful template is paid special attention with four exclusive modules including: JV Headline, JV Title Flash, JV News and JV Twitter. JV Headline can be taken advantage to make an effective advertisement with smooth slideshow of the originally artistic pictures, new-style wedding dresses or newly-taken photographs with short introduction. JV Title flash allows to display latest news title in fading effect to save website space. You can take advantage of JV News to display news in order that more contents can be seen at the same time. JV Twitter allowing to display a configurable numbers of updates based on Twitter API.Demo:





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