ZT Neoa for Joomla 2.5 - ZooTemplate

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ZT Neoa for Joomla 2.5 - ZooTemplate

Premium joomla templates ZT Neoa from ZooTemplate take advantage of emerging web technologies HTML5 and CSS3’s benefits to create eye-catching appliance and help websites become animated. This joomla template also is designed with clear and modern layout style which support visitors to find information they need.

    HTML5 makes your website highly interactive, good for SEO, hosting audio or video, can make your website universally viewable & accessible

    CSS3 is useful for making websites which reflect current design trends and also makes the website faster.

Moreover, ZT Neoa also possesses ZT Headline which allows users to collect updated news from your category and display them in the headline of your page. Given handy features such as ZT Highlight, ZT News, ZT Neoa controls a very organized look of content and flexible with variations. On the other side, ZT Twitter helps users to set up a high quality customer connecting channel, and promote your business online efficiently. Last but not least, you just can’t get tired of browsing around websites to check out the preset style of orange, green and blue.Demo:




  1. 2012-09-03 18:35

    i have problem this template.... echo base64_decode($pml);?> this have it,how can i use
    template??? please help me

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