YO Related News - Related News for Joomla! Article

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YO Related News - Related News for Joomla! Article

This is a simple plugin which allows to list related articles. Comprehensive, efficient, flexible, gentle and beautiful, those are words to describe YO Related News. It further enhances your website SEO and easier for your clients to find information.

YO Related News provides 6 types to list articles as (Created, Modified, Alphabet, By Order, By Keywords, Randomize) and display tooltips with three types as (Clean, Image & Text, HTML).

YO Related News works with metadata which auto generate keywords and description for an article. Furthermore, YO Related News allows display tags in the articles and it works with Joomla Search Component

Not only does YO Related News allow you to configure list display and style, but it also helps define section/category which you don't want to display in your list. Your attention will be caught by mootools tip which shows up and disappears like a charm.


Download Joomla 1.5:


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    hi, thanks. this plugin for joomla 3.x ?

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