Torrentify LX - Torrent Search Engine Script

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Torrentify LX - Torrent Search Engine Script

We heard you and brought you the most requested features in this script. Torrentify LX now comes with an admin panel to manage ads, affiliate links, and to be kept updated. Check admin panel screenshots

That is just cool! Torrentify LX now comes with 3 different themes. Just check the demo and see how awesome those themes are. You can easily create your own themes and show off your website.

To maximize your earnings, Torrentify LX has a built in Affiliate Manager and suggestions for the best affiliate networks. So all you have to do is to signup for those affiliate networks and copy the codes in affiliate manager. The rest will be taken care by Torrentify LX

Another much requested feature was "Ad Manager" so that customers could easily integrate ad codes within the script and start earning right away. Add and edit your ad codes easily

Now your visitors can subscribe to the latest torrents feeds or feeds for their search queries so they will visit your website again and again

Your visitors will be able to get in touch with you easily with the help of contact form.

Your script will show a tag cloud of latest searches so that search engines will index your site much better. With new version you wont have any nasty tag cloud problem.

You can now easily block certain IDs and keywords from appearing in search results. This is good for blocking NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content and removal requests by copyright owner.

The load times for your pages will decrease with this improved feature. The Faster, The Better

Once you setup the script, there is no need to update the content. It receives latest RSS feeds and API results to bring you the best and freshest content. After the setup, you are ready to get $$$. You don't need to touch any thing with the script.

Torrentify LX comes in small size, and does not require high bandwidths. You don't need to host torrent files, so you will NOT need lots of hosting space and bandwidth.

Dynamic meta tags, titles, description, keywords... Search engine friendly URLS. Search ENGINES will love your website. Your pages will get better rankings.

Ability to enable/disable gzip compression. This will speed up your sites loading time and decrease the bandwidth.

Your visitors will be able to get latest and most popular torrents in 6 different most popular categories. Browsing mode can be sorted by latest or popular torrents. Search mode can be sorted by category, name, size, seeds (default), leechers. Search results bring you all torrents in all categories.

Your visitors will be able to add your search to their browser and start searching directly from their own browsers. This will let you get more hits and more loyal visitors.

Allow your visitors to leave comment with Facebook's comment widget. They will be able to post these comments on their profiles. It means more visitors and free promotion.

Let your visitors share your website with whole world. More visitors more income($$$)

Editing images of the script is so easy. The script comes with PSD files of the logo and many images so that you can edit them as you like.

An automatically updating tracker list to let your visitors to fasten their download speeds...

Search results from most popular torrent hosts around the web... mininova, piratebay, monova, etc

Just create a mysql database , upload files, and edit config file , add your own ad codes and you are ready to GO!!!

You can edit any part of the layout as you want. Just edit the template files and you are ready to go.




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    aazob chala

    hey want to buy torrentify lx new version . contact me -

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    Full Nulled available
    at, w

  3. 2011-11-14 2:27

    Same issue:Make sure you have uploaded the script to correct domain name. Domains and subdomains are
    different. If you have license for a domain, it wont work on subdomains. vice versa

  4. 2011-11-13 14:02

    get there tells me this licensi.php ?thx before :D

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