Teline IV v1.2.0 for J1.7

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Teline IV v1.2.0 for J1.7

Bug Fixes

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-140] - [Backend] - some error in Menu Assignment section

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-143] - [Login] Css error in Login form

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-145] - [comment] Layout is broken when edit comment

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-146] - [Comment] Missing bullet and right quote

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-147] - [Comment] Missing some js files

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-148] - [Comment] Css error when click Flag icon

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-149] - [Comment] Dont show page navigation in IE7&8&9

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-151] - [Comment] RTL_Some errors in Comment page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-153] - [JA Bulletin Module]/[Front-end] - Can not display custom hits

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-154] - [Comment] Css error in Blog page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-156] - [JA New Featured module]/[Backend] - some spelling mistakes in tooltip

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-157] - [JA Newspro module]-[Backend] - no default value for some fields

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-158] - [JA Newspro module] - Tooltip is still enabled while it is not set in backend (by default)

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-159] - Photo gallery displayed not nice

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-160] - [JA Newspro module] - spelling error

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-161] - User setting work wrong

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-163] - [System-Comment plugin] Got 500 error

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-165] - [JA Latest comment module] - No categories selected but front-end still displays result

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-167] - Css error when set dropline/split menu

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-169] - [JA latest comment module]- error when enable "show comment vote"

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-170] - RTL_Layout for Contact us page is not nice when set Tabs layout

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-173] - Register button displayed not nice on IE7

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-176] - Please enable Userprofile_module after login

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-177] - Keep stay viewing page after login

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-178] - RTL : missing navigation on main menu

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-179] - RTL : image on tooltip should be run RTL

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-180] - Error on typo page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-181] - RTL : error on typography page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-182] - RTL : css error on FAQ page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-183] - RTL: error on home page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-184] - RTL: navigation should be run RTL

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-185] - Css error when open Cpanel then scroll down and close it

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-186] - Iphone : css error on News page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-187] - Error 404 page after login

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-188] - mod_janewsticker : Css error when Show Control Buttons

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-190] - No wrap around image in blog view

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-192] - mod_janewspro: can't show "User Setting Tool"

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-193] - plg_thumbnail :( image alignment = left) doesn't work

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-196] - Got error after submit to request new password

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-197] - [menu] Missing under line on split or dropline menu

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-198] - Cant display hits and readmore on bulletin module

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-200] - Got css error when set Articles Sorted By Latest Modified

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-201] - [newfp] css error when change image alignment

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-202] - [newfp] Blank space when hide images on module

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-203] - [newspro] Cant hide sub category title

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-204] - [iphone] error on home page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-208] - RTL_Css error in Tabs module

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-209] - RTL_Css error in Header area

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-210] - Iphone : make space between two article on home page

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-211] - RTL_Css error in Newfeatured module

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-212] - RTL_Css error in comment form in IE9

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-213] - RTL_Css error in replies comment

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-214] - Css error on main menu when mouseover it

[JATCTELINEIVJ16-215] - RTL : Css error on topmegamenu position




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