Sporticus News - Feb 07 Bonus Joomla Template

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Sporticus News - Feb 07 Bonus Joomla Template

Sporticus News is a bonus template this month based on the very popular Sporticus series of templates. This version is a nice light design and has been created specifically for professional looking news sites. To emphasize this we’ve created styles specifically for iJoomla’s brand-new news component. Check out the demo today, or read up on the features of Sporticus.


An overview of the key features of this template are as follows:

* Joomla 1.0+ compatible * Mambo 4.5.2.X compatible * Light and lean Sports/News oriented style * Great typographic content styles and custom hilight module * NEW!!!! SuckerFish drop-down menu, SuperSucker mouse-over menu, added. * Brand new 3 level split menu . This menu uses 2 levels horizontally, and a 3rd level vertically. * 12 fully collapsible module positions * 3 included custom modules including RT Scroller - a horizontal headlines scroller; RT Slideshow - an Ajax/Mootools based slideshow; RT Login Custom login module. * Live Search with keyboard navigation * Integration and styling for Slimbox - a faster leaner alternative to LightBox 2.0 utilizing a highly optimized and compressed version of the mootools javascript library * Fully compatible IE6, IE7, Safari 2, Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9, OmniWeb, Shira, Netscape. * Width of this template is easily modified by changing one css element. * XHTML 1.0 Transitional * CSS Very Lightweight and fast loading * Mozilla/Firefox 1.0+/IE 6/IE 7/Safari/Camino/Opera Friendly * Source Fireworks MX PNG and font files included

Some screenshots showing these capabilities can be seen below:



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