Social Login With Google Facebook Twitter (Datalife Engine)

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Social Login With Google Facebook Twitter (Datalife Engine)

Social Login For Datalife Engine : a tool that allows users to establish a single access to various web services without the need for re-registration, and site owners, get an extra influx of customers from social networks and popular portals (Google, Yandex,, VKontakte, Facebook, etc. )

Advantages for users:

Ability to access the sites or blogs that support uLogin, without additional registration.

Confidentiality of your data and secure access to information in your accounts.

Ability to select the most appropriate way for you to identify (through the popular social networking sites and portals).

Benefits for site owners:

An intuitive user interface.

Easy and quick to install, configure and manage the widget uLogin.

Support for different ways to authenticate users.

Additional influx of customers of the popular social networking sites and portals.

Common API obtain the user data (all data are provided in a common format).

Additional opportunity to receive e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and other information about the user.!243&parid=FCB594E58F6589D!119&authkey=!AKKUeSr-Qlv5Ii8


  1. 2013-02-20 8:33

    No need for an upload, its free from joomla extensions. but be aware that you are passing all your users
    details and passwords to their main database. Facebook and the like are considering abnning sites that use
    cloud based login authentication as a high security risk, specially now they are being hacked

  2. 2012-05-09 22:46

    can anyone re-upload this?

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