SmartAddons - SJ Travel II Template for Joomla 2.5

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SmartAddons - SJ Travel II Template for Joomla 2.5

Inspired by new trends of modern technologies which will brings new cool effects and insightful structure, SJ Travel II - Joomla! Template has been released. This is the first time your Website can experience so many exciting effects than ever!Based on YT-Framework and specially designed for Joomla! 2.5, this SJ Travel II - Joomla! Template is the template for serving globally recognition, offers RTL and LTR languages as well as Google fonts in order to illustrate your Website seamlessly. Using Lazyload for listing pages, your Website can load LARGE images much faster. With many Content modules integrated, this will be the first choice for quick start-up Website...Besides, by using SJ Travel II, your Website will be available in many contexts! For those want to make online booking system with K2 or travelling forum with Kunena (Forum for Joomla!), this template will be for you! Also, we support this template for Tablet and Mobile, please go to screenshots part to find screenshots for these devices

For more details, you can check our demo to see it in reality.




  1. 2013-06-26 10:45

    Download template SJ Travel 2 - Joomla

  2. 2012-10-01 12:51

    anybody have sj world news or sj news template??? pleas send this template to
    ( tnks.

  3. 2012-09-27 22:53

    Sorry. This template is not full at
    anybody have sj world news or sj news template ( quickstart file ) ?

  4. 2012-09-27 17:03

    Thanks. Verry nice template

  5. 2012-09-27 15:56
    bunga duka cita

    nice template and i like it

  6. 2012-09-27 15:42

    This template can also be downloaded
    : Thanks

  7. 2012-09-27 4:58

    Just superb

  8. 2012-09-27 3:40

    anybody have sj world news template ?

  9. 2012-09-27 2:55


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