Simple Image Gallery PRO Plugin v2.0

By olillo on Wed, 2009/11/18 5:073172 views 12JoomlaJ! Extensions
Simple Image Gallery PRO Plugin v2.0


- Improved performance in the thumbnail generation and caching engine. Generated thumbnails are now created faster and stored in Joomla's "cache" folder.

- 10 popup engines for ultimate style and compatibility with various javascript frameworks. Includes 2 engines supporting "slideshow" mode and our brand new popup engine SimpleBox (soon to be released as standalone).

- 4 templates (2 brand new) to showcase your galleries. Better still, it's easy to create your own now.

- Labels (captions) are extended to include title and description. If you enable labels in the plugin parameters, a labels.txt file is auto-generated within the folder of each gallery! You can now use full HTML code inside the label descriptions.

- Select to "fit" or "zoom" thumbnail images to the thumb dimensions you set, regardless of dimensions of the original images. That means your thumbnails align nicely in a grid, despite having different dimensions.

- Select to show or hide a download link for the original image in the lightbox-like popup.

- Large images can be resized in the popup window, when their dimensions exceed the ones of the browser window.

- You can choose to load a module position in the popup window, for banners or other cool integrations!

- New extended syntax for more flexibility. Use for example {gallery}mygallery:200:140:0:2{/gallery} to instruct the plugin to fetch the images inside the "mygallery" folder, resize them to 200px width and 140px height, display the gallery in normal (grid) mode, create and use a labels.txt file inside the "mygallery" folder, ready for you to edit.



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    Thank you so much for this plugin upload but after installed this plugin ,when i upload image in image
    gallary in k2 component then folowing error occure* UNKNOWNARCHIVETYPE* Gallery upload error: Cannot
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