Shenandoah Joomla Template - Shape5

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Shenandoah Joomla Template - Shape5

Whether you are creating a site for fashion news, articles, blogging, or more Shenandoah will give you all the functionality and flexibility you need to create a great looking site fast, while giving your site the clean, professional design you've been waiting for. This Joomla templates comes packed with great features to help you gain a web presence. Some of these feature include: 80 module positions, fixed or floating header, custom highlight color with a unique integration to the main menu, and so much more!

In addition to a great template be sure to check the new S5 Vertical Accordion module. This module contains up to 10 module positions that appear in an accordion function and keeps your site clean and consolidated.


Download: S5SD10.7z


  1. 2012-09-08 15:31
    Hamid Hosseini

    I need this for Joomla 2.5. Does anyone have it plz.

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