S5 Clan Roster - Shape5 Extensions

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S5 Clan Roster - Shape5 Extensions

扩展名称: Clan Roster v1.5.1

商业版权: Shape5

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

We are very excited about our new S5 Clan Roster component! This component allows you to easily organize your gaming clan's members into multiple categories. Each of these categories can show basic information like username, real name, email address, a photo of the user but it can also show up to 20 of your own custom fields that you can label with your own descriptions and content. Each category can have it's own unique 20 fields and users may be assigned to multiple categories! Make it as simple or as detailed as you wish. If you simply want to list your users with some basic information you can do that. If you want to create multiple categories of users based on their locations or what games they play you can do that as well! Keeping information up to date is easy, users can edit their own information once logged in.

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  1. 2010-10-07 9:31
    Clans Leader

    İ like it Thank you!!!!!

  2. 2010-02-23 19:33

    Ah super, depuis le temps que je l'attendais celui là !! :D Merci bien :).

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