RT Panacea 1.5.2 Update

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RT Panacea 1.5.2 Update

模板名称: Panacea v1.5.2商业版权: RocketTheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo完整版本: Full Package

The Panacea Joomla 1.5 template has been updated to version 1.5.2 with minor bug fixes covering JomSocial, K2, RTL support, overlay controls, rotator transitions and Joomla components.

Version: 1.5.2

* Fixed overlay none option for better handling of controls and necessary elements * Tweaked article layout and details layout display * Light and dark overlay tweaks for better display in certain situations * RTL overlay and position tweaks * Jomsocial create group button fix * Jomsocial large labels issue on create group * k2 subcategory tweaks * It is now possible to assign an interval for the rotator transitions * New feature to set dynamic style as static file for performance

Changed Files (template) - Located in the /templates/rt_panacea_j15 directory upon installation:

* /admin/en-GB.tpl_rt_panacea_j15.ini * /css/extended.css * /css/extended-rtl.css * /css/joomla.css * /css/overlays-rtl.css * /css/overlays.css * /css/template.css * /css/template-rtl.css * /css/template.css * /features/styledeclaration.php * /features/rotator.php * /js/gantry-rotator-mt1.2.js * /js/gantry-rotator.js * /templateDetails.xml

Added Files (template) - Located in the /templates/rt_panacea_j15 directory upon installation:

* /elements/html.php

Panacea v1.5.2 Full Package (17.01 MB)




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