RT Hybrid Theme For Drupal 6 ,7

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RT Hybrid Theme For Drupal 6 ,7

RockeTtheme - RT Hybrid Theme For Drupal 6 ,7

Hybrid is the February 2012 theme release, featuring a rich, vibrant and adaptable design. The theme is divided into several independent color zones, for a truly dynamic appearance.

The design has 12 header styles, 12 footer styles, and 5 body color & accent styles, allowing for great diversity in stylistic possibility. Configure these via the Drupal Administrator. Hybrid's beautiful appearance rests on the powerful Drupal CMS and our other standard features such as the 960 Grid System and customizable block classes.


Hybrid Theme

This is a non-exhaustive changelog for the Hybrid theme, inclusive of any alpha, beta, release candidate and final versions.


    * -> Security Fix
    # -> Bug Fix

    + -> Addition

    ^ -> Change

    - -> Removed

    ! -> Note

------- 1.0 Release [29-February-2012] -------

! Initial Release







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