RT Affinity 1.5.16 Update

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RT Affinity 1.5.16 Update

模板名称: Affinity v1.5.16商业版权: RocketTheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo完整版本: Full Package

The Affinity Joomla 1.5 template has been updated to version 1.5.16 which contains updates for JomSocial and RokAjaxSearch

The latest release of JomSocial (version 1.8 or above) IS REQUIRED for proper operation with Affinity version 1.5.15 and above. You can learn more about upgrading your JomSocial installation to the latest version at http://www.jomsocial.com
Version: 1.5.16

* Fixed frontpage causing jomsocial to load blank page * Various fixes and tweaks for JomSocial * Fixed RokAjaxSearch in IE

Changed Files (template) - Located in the /templates/rt_affinity_j15 directory upon installation:

* /html/com_community/css/style.css * /html/com_search/search/default.php * /html/com_search/search/default_error.php * /html/com_search/search/default_form.php * /html/com_search/search/default_results.php * /rt_sectionrows.php * /templateDetails.xml

Added Files (template) - Located in the /templates/rt_affinity_j15 directory upon installation:

* /html/com_community/applications.edit.php * /html/com_community/images/icons/apps.png

Removed Files (template) - Located in the /templates/rt_affinity_j15 directory upon installation:

Affinity v1.5.16 Full Package (22.55 MB)




  1. 2011-01-20 9:25

    I am also desperate for affinity 1.5.17 update. Thanks.

  2. 2011-01-19 15:12

    Yes Please share the 1.5.17 update, because it is finally working with Jomsocial 2THX

  3. 2011-01-16 22:01

    Affinity 1.5.17 Update link please...

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