RSSEO rev11

By thanos on Tue, 2011/06/07 21:553247 views 8JoomlaJ! Extensions
RSSEO rev11
RSSeo! Changelog18.04.2011 - Rev 11

* Added - Google analytics reports* Added - Google analytics tracking* Fixed - Incorrect replacement of the keyword "Keyword"* Updated - Keyword replacement ignores text inside headings* Updated - Selected keyword will not be replaced on the "Internal Anchor Link" page if the link is internal



  1. 2013-06-06 19:09

    Here RSSEO rev16 for j2.5 and j3.0

  2. 2011-12-21 5:09

    This one worked fine for

  3. 2011-07-21 2:14

    New link please.Thanks.

  4. 2011-07-06 1:34

    It's gpl... use it at your leisure. If RS is in violation of the gpl, then they will be sued, rest
    assured. The gpl does not limit distribution, except to limit it to the developer only being able to
    distribute it. They can charge for it but I can also give it away, both legally. This is not pirated because
    one cannot pirate free software by definition. So if you ever do actually get a notice like that, demand that
    they show you their gpl'd code, and tell them that you have a version of that software to prove it is gpl
    and tell them to take a hike or never use gpl. Tell them that they are violating their own license and that
    their persistence to harass you will be grounds for a

  5. 2011-06-27 6:43

    link dead please reupload

  6. 2011-06-13 17:04

    DMCA only valid for USA, rsjoomla is based in Romania

  7. 2011-06-13 15:12

    FAKE. Show us the DMCA notice. use pastebin

  8. 2011-06-13 15:02

    Installed but got a warning email from rsjoomla within 24 hours that I am using an illegal downloaded
    version! BE AWARE GUYS . . must be somewhere a back link

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