RSForm! Pro 1.3.0 rev31

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RSForm! Pro 1.3.0 rev31

RSForm!Pro is a professional Joomla! form, easy to use by everyone, giving the user extended flexibility in the matter of forms creation. With this popular Joomla! component, some new features were added, especially to improve user experience and functionality.

It's even easier! RSForm!Pro it's a powerful Joomla! form creator, helping you to create custom forms in seconds. The new product makes form management much easier and gives you the time to handle your clients better.

Changelog 13.08.2010 - Rev 31

Added - The continue button can now be modified through the $continueButton variable in "Script called after form has been processed"

Fixed - Added Legacy mode for old adapter and functions compatibility

Fixed - Properly escaping HTML in some backend locations

Fixed - Upload field bug with PHP5

Fixed - Few bugs from Rev 30

Latest version: 1.3.0 rev31 (813.9 KB)



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    Hugs from Brazil

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    I have Downlaoded & Installed This Package. It is the latest version of RSForm Pro With ALL of its plugins
    , Modules & components.i don't know is it nulled or not , because it require an update code to recieve
    future updates . but every thing else is working fine. THANK YOU boycj.

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