RokTabs - Flexible Tab Based Content Module

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RokTabs - Flexible Tab Based Content Module

扩展名称: RokTabs v1.15商业版权: RocketTheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

RokTabs is a tabbed content module, standalone and sporting its own themes (light and dark). Content is transitions, either by fade or scroll, and is powered by mootools.

The module has the ability to be fully automated, switching based on time or manually by user interaction. RokTabs also has support for the plugin allowing to load modules inside it, as well as supporting K2.

UPDATE: RokTabs has been updated to be compatible with the K2 extension.

K2 is a content construction component which allows you to create custom content types in your Joomla Site. The component drastically expands the power and functionality of Joomla content. Download from

List of Features

* Tabbed Content: Display multiple content items in a tabbed enclosure. * Module Position Support: You can insert module positions inside the tabs. * Inbuilt Styling: Both light and dark styling for standalone support * Configurability: Highly configurable from options dealing with transition, to content type and layout. * K2 Support: Fully compatible with the powerful content constructive component K2.



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