RokFeatureTable - Tabular Data Presenter

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RokFeatureTable - Tabular Data Presenter

扩展名称: RokFeatureTable v1.1商业版权: RocketTheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

RokFeatureTable offers a stylistic and user friendly solution for displaying tabular based data. It is perfect for price or product comparisons, or essentially, any type of data display that suits a matrix format.

A simple, yet dynamic, interface provides you with the tools to quickly edit the contents of the module. There are a series of parameters allowing for unlimited row, with options for text, link, class and much more, which allows for extensive control.

List of Features

* Up to 20 Rows: Display extensive amounts of data. * Extensive data control: Control over text, links, classes and other. * Highlight Column Control: Set which column is defaulted as the highlight. * Assign Custom Classes: Per classes control over tabular data. * Custom CSS styles: Add per item inline styling. * Template specific layouts: Create a series of layouts.


RokFeatureTable debuted with the September 2010 Joomla Template Release, the Omnicron template. You can see its various configurations in action on the demo (link previous). (31.9 KB)



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