Responsive v2.0.5 For J1.5, J1.7 - JoomlaBamboo

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Responsive v2.0.5 For J1.5, J1.7 - JoomlaBamboo




  1. 2013-09-28 9:27

    I deleted all my WP files beuasce somewhere a file was inflicted with the BlackHole Exploitation Kit. SO I
    wanted to start anew with clean files. In so doing I lost BlogoLife Pro. WOuld you kindly point me to where
    I can re-intstall the Theme that I paid $29 (or so) for?

  2. 2013-09-26 19:02

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  3. 2013-09-25 16:47

    I love your theme! I am SO excited and I think you'll agree tatiht works perfectly for what I
    need</a>.My only question is about the awesome greyed-out portion of the header (on my
    site it's behind the words Grounded: The Seven, book 1 / Pre-Order soon! ). In my case it
    covers my book cover image on the left side of the header. Is there anything I can locate in the CSS to shrink
    the width on that? I didn't know what you called it and after an hour of fruitless searching I gave
    up.I'm learning CSS, but slowly, as my content creation isn't terribly CSS dependent most of the time.
    Thank you again, SO much!

  4. 2013-09-25 4:51

    Ronald - hi McCarthyyou can change all the fonts via theme<a
    href=""> otnpois</a> but if you want a different fonts
    on sidebar, add something like this in style.css#right-sidebar h3.widget-title { font-family:
    your font-family, sans-serif !important; }you need to have a post attachment like featured
    images for the pinit button to show.

  5. 2013-09-24 2:30

    JohnnyJune 10, 2012 at 1:20 pmHi, If I use the portfolio for this theme as my home page, is it psilsboe to
    insert additional text in to this page template? It's great as a home page visually but without additional
    text it falls short for SEO, and doesn't enable a good text/written introduction to the website.Your
    help would be appreciated.Thanks

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