Quantive v1.3 - RocketTheme WordPress Theme

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Quantive v1.3 - RocketTheme WordPress Theme

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Quantive, the November 2010 Theme Club release, encapsulates the notion of simply complex, featuring a more subtle and conservative design, in contrast to other 2010 releases. Naturally, the Gantry Framework forms the core of the theme, driving the complex mechanisms and features that lie beneath.

Stylistic choice is another key aspect of the release, with its 8 CSS style choices, each of which can come in either light or dark body styling, as noted in the 10 preset style variations, providing true design choice and flexibility.

Features and Screenshots

* Gantry Framework * 10 Preset Styles * RTL Support * RT Extensions Styling * Custom Typography * Javascript Form Styling * Fusion Menu & SplitMenu * 13 Widget Variations * 68 Widget Positions * FF3.5, Opera, Safari 4, IE7,8 Compatible * Limited IE6 Support * W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS 3 Valid

Gantry Framework

Quantive is the built with the Gantry Framework, which includes powerful features such as menu item control, RTL support, custom presets and many more. This is all on top of the first generation features, making Gantry the most noticeable, and far reaching feature of the template.

Gantry is, as a basic definition, A framework used for assembling, building and maintaining a RocketTheme template. It is an advanced platform for dramatically extending the capabilities of the entire theming system of WordPress.

Please visit the link below to find more details and referrals to more extension information on Gantry

Fusion Menu

Fusion is javascript-based dropdown menu system, with extensive functionality. The menu itself is built on the rewritten core of the latest revision of RokNavMenu, the core application behind all RocketTheme menus.

Fusion offers a series of new abilities ranging from Menu Icons, Subtext support and much greater controls over the Multiple Column ability for dropdowns.

All images sources in the Adobe Fireworks PNG format.

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    if you want the joomla version that on the web, then download the file submitted by mikeleigh. this is not
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