Photography 090 - JoomlaTemplateShop Template

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Photography 090 - JoomlaTemplateShop Template

模板名称: Photography 090商业版权: JoomlaTemplateShop详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

This template demo uses a 3rd party plugin for the photo gallery section. It is recommended that you first download the plugin here and try out either with your existing Joomla template, or the default template that comes with the Joomla database installation.

» Includes image slideshow w/6 photos for the home page» Built in drop down sub menu» Includes mootools.js for dynamic module toggle effects.» Template Width: 960px, center-fixed» Offers a two or three column set-up. Note: Both the left and right columns are designed to be positioned horizontally below the content sections of your pages.» Additional media images provided» Includes relevant pre-sliced Photoshop (PSD) file(s) for graphical images» All fonts used in the design are included» Includes a comprehensive, template-install instruction file» Includes helpful screen shots to aid in setting up your Joomla modules» This Joomla template is compatible for 1.5 versions only.

Software Required:

Adobe Photoshop CS+; Joomla! 1.5* Optional: Dreamweaver (or any php-editor) if user wants to edit index, or css files outside of Joomla administrator.

Note: This Joomla template is compatible for 1.5 versions only. It is up to the user to develop the web pages, links, content, ect within their own Joomla infrastructure. We put the extra time into setting up pages, links, and images to demonstrate the potential of what you can do with the template. (23.55 MB)



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