PartyFreak v2.8 Gavick J2.5 - Retail

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PartyFreak v2.8 Gavick J2.5 - Retail


Updated google +1 button script

Added option to choose annotation layout in +1 button (now users can choose between inline and bubble annotation type)

Added option to set width of +1 button in 'tall' mode

Added support for asynchronous captcha loading - now users can use both captcha in main content and pop up window

Fix for reCaptcha in mobile layouts

Fixed problems with swtich between mobile/desktop version

Improvements in mod_bredcrumbs view (fix for You are here text)

Fixed problems in typography elements

    Additional Information

    For upgrade please overwrite following files :

    - language file

    - templateDetails.xml

    - admin/script.js

    - css/joomla.css

    - css/layout.css

    - css/style1.css

    - css/style2.css

    - css/style3.css

    - css/template.css

    - html/mod_breadrbumbs/default.php

    - js/gk.script.js

    - layouts/android.php

    - layouts/blocks/footer.php

    - layouts/blocks/head.php

    - layouts/blocks/mobile/

    - layouts/blocks/mobile/head.handheld.php

    - layouts/blocks/mobile/head.iphone.php

    - layouts/blocks/social.php

    - layouts/default.php

    - layouts/handheld.php

    - layouts/iphone.php

    - lib/framework/gk.browser.php

    - lib/gk.framework.php




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