Paradigm Shift Template For J1.7

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Paradigm Shift Template For J1.7

joomla template With the introduction of Firefox 4, IE9, and CSS3 PIE for IE7 and IE8 there is a new paradigm shift happening that is changing the way we code websites. With the power of css3, websites can now be built much faster and with far less code. Design features such as gradients or shadows that used to be created and then called as images on the page are now simply called by css code. Transition effects that used to require full javascript libraries can now be called with less than 1kb of text. Rounded corners that used to require upwards of eight wrapping div elements can now be done with a single element. What does this mean for you? Simple, a lightning fast website, that becomes even more search engine friendly. We proudly introduce to you Paradigm Shift, the future of website design. A template that contains only a handful of core template images.


Download Paradigm-Shift-J1.7.rar


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