October Template - Slider

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October Template - Slider

主题名称: Slider

商业版权: Joomla Bamboo

适用程序: Joomla 1.0.x Mambo 4.5.3

演示地址: Live Demo

The October release from Joomla Bamboo is an inspired take on a mootools driven Joomla Business Card. The Slider, err, slides up to 9 module positions into the main viewing area without loading a new page ... so if your site is more like a brochure or a business card this is a perfect way to reduce visitor bounces by providing fast access to the nuts and bolts of your business.

For those who like to Slide! The slider template is a unique way to display a site that is low on content but needs a high impact. We call it a sliding mootools joomla business card or slider for short!


* 15 Colour schemes

* 9 Sliding Tabs

* 'Fancy' Mootools Menu

* Mootips ready with 3 floating areas.

* Slimbox Slideshow

* IE6 PNG Transparency fix built in.

* PNG and PSD source files included

* XHTML and CSS valid

Browser compatibility

We have tested this template extensively in IE6, IE7, FF 2.0 (mac and pc), Safari 3.0 (mac and pc), Opera, Camino.

Joomla Compatibility

Joomla 1.0 Compatible

Joomla 1.5 (In legacy mode)

Module Positions



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