Module2URL - Joomla Plug

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Module2URL - Joomla Plug

Perhaps you have run into a problem that module display cannot be controlled when an article is not assigned to menu? If some of your articles are available via links only – it is a real pain. Our new plug-in Module2URL is the solution you have been looking for!

Moreover, modules can now be assigned to any Joomla pages (even retrieve password form if you wish). All you need is to add URLs of your pages to a new text area you will see in each of your modules (both direct URLs and SEO-optimized ones are supported). Yes, as easy as that, no more need to use hacks or create modules for adding modules! (16.10 KB)



  1. 2011-01-06 18:41

    i am using Ja teline III v 2 and plugin is Ja t3 1.1.9

  2. 2011-01-06 16:45

    what version of template and plugin you are currently using..

  3. 2011-01-06 16:24

    Anyone has problem with JA t3 framework and this plugin, i get internal server errors when publishing this
    plugin :/

  4. 2010-11-08 2:44

    i also use advanced module manager it works much better than this does

  5. 2010-10-14 12:37

    advanced module manager and/or metamod. You don't need more.

  6. 2010-10-14 7:26

    maybe... advanced module
    manager www.nonumber.nland... ShowByVars www.robert-deutz.deor... metamod www.metamodpro.comcan do this as

  7. 2010-10-13 21:42

    This are not the link to the module2url

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