mmBackground v1.0.4

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mmBackground v1.0.4

Joomla Image Background Plugin

Menu Item ID Change

With mmBackground you are able to change the background image and or scheme dynamically based on the Menu Item ID. The power and potential application for this is endless!

There is no need to attach a different CSS background or change the template each time you move from one section of your website to another any longer.

Now all you need to do is select what backgrounds you want displayed to which Menu Item ID via the plugin options in your Joomla administration, it's that simple.

The actual background images auto resizes and scales to the entire width and height of the browser window similar to how Flash can scale and resize imagery.

Imagine changing the look and feel of your website simply by changing the background based on what section of the website your in.

Showcase products, advertising, high impact images, photos, art works, the list goes on!

Date and Time Change

The Date and Time feature included in mmBackground will amaze you!

Imagine your website changing it's background automatically based on the time of day.

Instantly add mood and feeling to your website by moving and changing it's theme from morning, noon and night.

Automatically change the background advertising or product that you are showcasing through out the day, the power is yours!

Give your website life automatically by moving with the seasons, schedule a different background theme to represent summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Change your background daily, weekly, monthly, yearly schedule it however you want then sit back, relax and let your website update automatically.



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    come on ... its for free. Just visit the website.

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    Please for Joomla 1.7 please!! link!!

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