Kinabalu - MosetsTree Template

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Kinabalu - MosetsTree Template

模板名称: Kinabalu

版权所有: Mosets

演示地址: Live Demo

Kinabalu is the first and only Joomla template that comes with a companion Mosets Tree template, giving your site a unique layout to the overall Joomla site and Mosets Tree directory. Its clean and contemporary design makes it easy for your visitors to browse and discover information on your site.

NOTICE: Kinabalu does not support Internet Explorer 6 or earlier.

Mosets Tree template with 4 listing details styles

The companion Mosets Tree template comes with 4 listing details styles, perfect for use in any type of directory. On top of all the usual configuration available for Mosets Tree template, it also comes with new support for custom fields columns. With this, you can configure the custom fields to show in 2 or more columns in details or summary view.

Category specific module positions

Using the companion Mosets Tree template, you can now publish modules targetted specifically to a particular categories. Want to show top 4 popular software or popular sites in Computer category? It's done. What about showing one specific banner for a category - you can now, using the companion Mosets Tree template.

Module variations for Listings module

Kinabalu template comes with a number of module class suffixes to allow you to configure how Listings module (mod_mt_listings) are shown without touching a single line of code.



  1. 2013-10-25 22:49

    Please reupload as I get

  2. 2010-09-21 22:52

    I have a question, i try to change some things in the template, but when i do save, appear like i
    didn't make any change, like lock... can someone help me

  3. 2010-09-21 22:47

    downloaded, but question is.. which is which? where to start? what to install? few files there.. can
    any1 help on tutor pls :)

  4. 2010-05-21 21:43

    Very, very good template. Thanks for sharing! A million thanks !^_^!

  5. 2010-05-03 14:07

    This is a Hot one.. Can someone share please?

  6. 2010-05-03 13:43

    Kinabalu 1.1 released * Added 3
    new listing details styles. Total of 7 listings details styles now. * Added support of up to 4 listing
    summary columns. * Fixed empty container when ratings and favorite are disabled. * Added
    "padding:0px" to listing details caption to fix common overflow issue with certain third party Joomla
    templates.please anyone share this! thanks a million

  7. 2010-05-01 2:37

    1.1 is out.

  8. 2010-04-30 22:33


  9. 2010-04-27 20:18

    Does anyone have the version 1.1?Thanks.

  10. 2010-04-12 21:53

    Thanks a lot for Mtree ! Could u please post the nulled JA JOb board also. Thanks in advance

  11. 2010-04-07 0:51

  12. 2010-04-04 15:44
    Anonymous - link dead, please

  13. 2010-04-04 12:04

    Köszi ez nagyon jó. very nice of you!

  14. 2010-04-03 22:48

    i exactly wanted this template! tanx a lot,but drupal has not any pathway? i reached here bye google
    and don't know where this page is placed in your site!!!???

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  16. 2010-04-03 1:33

    new mirror

  17. 2010-04-02 22:51

    This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only
    be downloaded 10 times.Thanks

  18. 2010-04-02 22:49

    Please reupload as I getThis file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account,
    and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.Thanks

  19. 2010-04-02 22:48

    Please reupload as I get

  20. 2010-04-02 22:46

    thx for share!

  21. 2010-04-02 20:56

    A special template!

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