KA Social Sharing

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KA Social Sharing

KA Social Sharing plugin adds all major Social Networks into your content articles and components on Joomla 1.5 websites. Plugin can be published at various locations in content. Plugin has backend settings where you can customise it. You can enable/disable each social network individually or show or hide them on specific sections, categories or individual articles. Also you can hide or show on specific menu items. For integration to other components please see Integration section and send us request if you would like to have it integrated into a component that you are using.

plg_kasocialsharing_v1.5.x.1.zip (34.46 KB)



  1. 2010-12-03 8:56

    Also looking for 1.5.x.3.2, pls share

  2. 2010-11-26 22:04


  3. 2010-10-12 6:39

    Last version is 1.5.x.3.2 , Please share!

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