K2Mart - JoomlaWorks Extensions

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K2Mart - JoomlaWorks Extensions

Why should I buy K2mart?Because it allows you to build or extend your existing e-shop (based on Virtuemart) with the power of K2, the no.1 content component in the Joomla! community. With K2, updates are easier, styling is a breeze and a ton of template providers already support it on almost any new template release in the Joomla! community.

More: http://www.joomlaworks.gr/content/view/86/42/

Demo: http://demo.getk2.org/en/k2mart



  1. 2010-11-30 22:34

    link please ...

  2. 2010-11-26 16:27

    1.3 is out , anyone can share?please

  3. 2010-10-28 19:45

    Its 1,2 and working- TY Mongo2006!

  4. 2010-10-23 20:16

    this is 1.2 version? it seems to still be a 1.1 version.where's 1.2?

  5. 2010-10-04 10:16
    mr. greatful

    thanks alot

  6. 2010-10-02 4:06

    Sup fellas here is the update, seed it. http://www.multiupload.com/UIKMPFE873Information The
    problem: Virtuemart powers your website's e-shop. Updates are painful, styling is a nightmare. The
    solution: K2 for your catalog and K2mart to import and syncronize your Virtuemart products into K2.Consider
    K2mart as your middleman to e-commerce success.K2mart integrates Virtuemart and K2 allowing you to build
    your product catalog using K2's advanced content, taxonomy and templating options with Virtuemart's
    powerful cart and checkout functionality. Changelog Version 1.2We have identified an issue in K2mart,
    regarding the proper redirection of VirtueMart cart/checkout pages back to K2. This issue occurs only when
    there is an active menu item (link) pointing directly to the VirtueMart component and the Joomla!
    SEF settings are on. In that case, K2mart was unable to properly redirect back to K2 e.g. when a visitor
    clicked on a product item in the VirtueMart cart list.Version 1.2 solves this redirection issue.If you are
    upgrading from a previous K2mart version, just install v1.2 on top of the previous one. After that, if you
    have the Joomla! cache option enabled, navigate to Tools >> Clean Cache in the admin and make sure you
    cleanup your site's cache entirely.

  7. 2010-09-30 19:15


  8. 2010-09-30 3:55

    New 1.2 version is out, please if someone able to get it, share this perfect component! Thanks in

  9. 2010-09-26 3:40

    Look I posted it on Portalize and boycj because they have given me so much, downloads4all leached it from
    here, just seed it

  10. 2010-09-25 18:59
    Mongo 2006

    But I must confess LOL.

  11. 2010-09-25 16:15

    hey, thank you so much. I have install this successfully, might try it tonight to see how it works. Just
    wanted to say thank you once again

  12. 2010-09-25 7:54

    I didn't post this for some wack ass he money grubbing, warez site trolling, predator. Look it was
    given to this community freely so don't come here trying to sell it when you leached it. Made me so mad I
    want to slap your momma.

  13. 2010-09-25 1:59

    Dont download or even visit this StupidFukuinCunts site. She steals from this and other sites and then
    wants to sell them to you for a measley $3.50.... Really... do you really need the $3.50 that bad...
    cant you just blow somebody.

  14. 2010-09-24 23:30

    K2mart link pls!

  15. 2010-09-24 23:11

    much thx~

  16. 2010-09-24 21:35

    Here try this, I got it from him yesterday. He told me to post this for you.

  17. 2010-09-24 21:35

    Please reupload

  18. 2010-09-24 21:14

    Really Really Really am looking for this component for some time now. Desperately needed it. Request you
    to please post the link... ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 2010-09-24 20:12

    bla bla not premium account - link is not available - please repost

  20. 2010-09-24 6:16

    Hmm it didn't take the linkhttp://rapidshare.com/files/420871840/ko2omoaorto.zip

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