JV Kentro - Superior template solution

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JV Kentro - Superior template solution

模板名称: Kentro

商业版权: JoomVision

详细内容: More Info

演示地址: Live Demo

JV Kentro, 2nd October template from JoomVision has just released. With flexible columns, clean and professional design, you will be impressed on very first look at JV Kentro.

With the brand new and unique Sub Moo menu, JV Kentro give you the ability to have both split menu and moo menu together. Your site structure and navigation is now getting much clearer and easier to go through.

You will notice that there is a new module on the right side of header, we call it JV Content Fusion. Let warp out the title, remove the text and put them all in tooltips when hover, your Joomla! content will be displayed in a whole new style. This way really useful when you use with specific purpose, such as: space to put your sponsor's logos, your ad banners, your partners, your team members, your products,... and many more.

Present on the left side is JV Tabs, one of the top famous tab modules in Joomla! Extension directory. Everything you want to introduce and sticky can be placed in JV Tabswith unlimited items and multi-style selection. In JV Kentro, we introduce a new module to handle stock information and automate graph generation taking from Yahoo Finance, JV Stock Quote. Pairing with JV Weather, these module will be really handy for your site.

JV Kentro completely override default Joomla! content display with a clean and tableless layout. Valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS, multiple column position switching and huge module positions embed, we believe it will be absolutely fit what you are searching for.


* Professional Joomla! template with clean and slick look and feel

* JV SubMoo Menu: Unique menu style with Split and Moo menu combo.

* JV Content Fusion Brandnew way to present your content with ToolTips library embed.

* JV Stock Quote: Display real time information about your specific company, source from Yahoo! Finance. Auto graph generation update frequently with Ajax feature..

* JV Weather Module Display forecast from your select location. Highly customizeable custommizable and user friendly setting selection in frontend.

* JV Tabs: Saving most of your space and have more efficient content presentation by putting modules or content in tabs with JV Tabs.

* Multiple left and right columns position switching from backend or frontend.

* Adjustable font size from template tools or in backend

* 100% Tableless design. 100% CSS/DIV compliance.

* Joomla 1.5.x native

* Well-comment CSS and PHP code files

* Tutorial + Detailed userguide

* Cross Browser Support (IE 6+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9+)

Kentro Full Paclage (9.93 MB)

JV ContentFusion module.zip

JV Kentro Quickstart.zip

JV Kentro template.zip

JV LatestNews module.zip

JV Stock Quote Module.zip

JV Tabs module.zip

JV Weather module.zip











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