JV Excali - Your complete solution for online shopping cart

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JV Excali - Your complete solution for online shopping cart

模板名称: Excali v1.5.2商业版权: JoomVision详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

The demand to put products online and selling was existed long time ago. Many companies have started their own way to built and developed shopping cart solution and they just did the job. In Joomla!, we have option available freely and well-known is VirtueMart.

However, due to growing fast of internet community and business competition, a normal shopping cart is not enough. After many requests received, JoomVision has decided to put effort in developing JV Excali, a clean and professional template along with handy extensions for Joomla! ecommerce sites using VirtueMart component.We have changed the way to present your products to users in more efficient way. All products are well-aligned and right placed in spot. They are just clean and easy to navigate to get what is being searched for. All of templates, images, icons have been replaced to get the homogeneous layout in JV Excali.

Moreover, as a part of the template, JV Content Slideshow also got a steps forward compare to older version. With 6 smooth effects embed to the package, your content now can be shown more eye-catching and attractive. Products Scroller and Ajax search module enable your products the fastest way to be found.All of them working together made JV Excali unique and became the best template for Shopping Cart online. Let start your ecommerce site today with JV Excali to get the advantage that Joomla! and extensions can bring to you.


* Eye-catching and professional Joomla! template * JV Content Slideshow with highly customizable params and smooth effects: Display images and content from your specific articles as a slick slideshow. * JV VirtueMart CatPro: Display specific VM category with pagination * JV VirtueMart Products Scroller: Scroll your products to give more attractive to users * Adjustable font size from template tools or in backend * 100% Tableless design. 100% CSS/DIV compliance. * Joomla 1.5.x native * Well-comment CSS and PHP code files * Tutorial + Detailed userguide * Cross Browser Support (IE 6+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9+)

Excali Full Package (26.55 MB)

JV CatPro module v1.5.2.zipJV Content Slideshow module 1.5.1.zipJV Content Slideshow module v1.5.2.zipJV Excali Quickstart v1.5.2.zipJV Excali Quickstart.zipJV Excali template 1.5.1.zipJV Excali template v1.5.2.zipJV Search VMProducts module v1.5.2.zipJV VM CatPro module 1.5.1.zipJV VM Scroller module 1.5.1.zipJV VMScroller module v1.5.2.zipVirtueMart Layout.zipVirtueMart Theme (extract first).zipVM Search Ajax 1.5.1.zip



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