JV Boro v1.5.2 Update

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JV Boro v1.5.2 Update

模板名称: Boro v1.5.1商业版权: JoomVision详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo完整版本: Full Package

We are proud to announce the JV Boro has been released to version 1.5.2 which improved the template core as well as bug fixes CSS issues

JV Boro template Version 1.5.2

* Improved template core * #Fixed minor CSS issues

JV Boro Quickstart Package Version 1.5.2

* Upgraded JV Boro version 1.5.2 * Upgraded JV Headline version 1.5.9 * Upgraded JV Cu3er 3D version 1.5.2

Boro v1.5.2 Full Package (9.84 MB)

JV Boro Quickstart package version 1.5.2.zipJV Boro Source Files.zipJV Boro Template installation version 1.5.2.zip



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    i like joomvision template

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