Juxta - June 2010 phpBB3 Style

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Juxta - June 2010 phpBB3 Style

模板名称: Juxta商业版权: RocketTheme详细内容: More Info演示地址: Live Demo

Juxta, the June 2010 Style Club release, is a design-centric theme, focusing on unique, professional and fresh visuals to constitute the fundamental appearance of the template. Style is very important with any theme, and Juxta intends to entice any visitor of your site.

The theme has a plethora of features beyond its stylistic exterior. The core is managed by RokBB3, offering powerful phpbb3 style customization.

Features and Screenshots * 6 Preset Styles * RTL Support * Javascript Form Styling * Fusion Menu * RokNavMenu exporter support * Integrated RokBB3 Administration module * 3 Customizable layout options * RTL Support * FF3.5, Opera, Safari 4, IE7,8 Compatible * Limited IE6 Support * W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS 3 Valid


Juxta offers a wide array of layout configurations for displaying your content. Powered by our flasghip product - RokBB3 administration module, you have full control over your forum layout such as color variations. font settings, menu options and much more. Everything is fully configurable with just a few clicks.



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