JS Bulletin Board + 4 additional addons

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JS Bulletin Board + 4 additional addons

Bullet Board is both an Application and Module which gives Jomsocial a whole new Feature.

Myspace used to be the most popular Social Networking site. One of its key features was Bulletins, which allowed users to quickly post anything they wanted, for their Network Friends to see.

If someone had a party, you could announce it. Or if you had some news, you could announce it.

Jomsocial Bulletin Board is Integrated straight into Jomsocial. Allowing users to announce and post anything they like, Letting their Network of friends see.

* JS Bulletin Board



  1. 2011-01-05 19:17

    is there update for JomSocial 2.0?

  2. 2009-12-10 8:13

    AzhaR1,You can see the Demo on the above link, however to make it easy for you, here is the Demo profile
    from the above link: http://www.socialcode.co.uk/jomsocial/damian/profile.htmlI do agree
    this should have been posted with all the appropriate links, however I didn't post it.Cheers

  3. 2009-12-09 9:32

    can you show any demo??? because I don't understand to use. and demo is powerfull for review before
    using this shit...

  4. 2009-12-07 16:27

    Here's the Link for this modulehttp://www.socialcode.co.uk/jomsocial/jomsocial.html

  5. 2009-12-05 10:49

    Never heard, or seen anything on this in the Joomla community anywhere... Where's the information on
    it? Demo, Website, Anything?

  6. 2009-12-05 6:08


  7. 2009-12-05 2:31


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