JP Depeche for Joomla 1.5 & 2.5

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JP Depeche for Joomla 1.5 & 2.5



  1. 2012-03-04 4:39

    Why is it that nearly every Joomla template demo zip file posted here that i install in my server, all the
    demo content images are either missing or the menu and slideshow modules are messed up?

  2. 2012-03-04 2:22

    I tried at Internet Explorer and Fire Fox and didn't work, bun on Chrome it works for me. Just insert
    the capthca, click on green button, and in the next page, click in the link, without any translation.

  3. 2012-03-03 23:54
    Ethan Hunt

    Spasiba or Thanks

  4. 2012-03-03 23:53
    Ethan Hunt

    it was perfect thanks

  5. 2012-03-03 22:04

    Here is the thing with Narod, if you translate it, it doesn't work.Go to the website, type in the
    code, click continue. The next page will have the download link UNLESS you translate it. Just remove a check
    from the checkbox before you click the long blue
    link.-----------On a side note, beggars can't be choosers.
    With so many servers being seized or banned, there aren't many options out there. I'm sure the admin
    is doing the best he can to find a constant server.

  6. 2012-03-03 21:47

    who uploads to this kind of shit server ?

  7. 2012-03-03 20:11

    Horrible link... IMPOSIBLE TO USE!!!! Again.... :(

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