Joomla Template Kit 3 Beta

By NewOne on Sat, 2008/02/23 11:433068 views 5JoomlaJ! Extensions
Joomla Template Kit 3 Beta

Joomla 1.5 Dreamweaver extension

Made by Designers for Designers frustrated with Joomla Template design?And not being able to use your visual layout program.

Well that's why we made the Joomla Template Kit Extension.

You will be well on your way to designing Joomla templates like a pro.

These are the same tools that Media 65 uses to make custom templates and template conversions.

Start your own template design business. A small investment a large return!



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  5. 2008-08-13 1:12

    Hi,can you send me the link of Joomla Tool Kit 3 stable with video rapidshare link to my email..Thanks a
    lot.. Raj

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