Scratchcard Joomla Module

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Scratchcard Joomla Module

June Scratch Card is a jQuery based module with a scratchcard effect. Drag the mouse over the overlay to reveal the target image underneath.

* Smooth scratchcard effect* Style settings (Opacity, Scratch Square Size, Overlay Color, target image)* Set frequency with which image 1 is shown. Alternatively image 2 is displayed. Great for raffles or promotions!* Scratch cards are fun, they are loved by everyone. Nothing beats the feeling of scratching with anticipation.* Uses jQuery



  1. 2011-02-25 19:13

    update link pls

  2. 2011-02-22 0:47

    links pls.

  3. 2011-02-02 5:39

    File does nos exists

  4. 2011-01-26 7:05

    Thanks for the update... When it was uploaded, for some reason it stripped the file extension! Also...
    to prevent it being found the original file name was changed too!

  5. 2011-01-25 14:20

    The file has no extension name, when you download it you need to change the name by adding the .zip

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