JomSocial v1.8.9 Update

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JomSocial v1.8.9 Update

  Version 1.8.9

28th September 2010


* BUG: 4338 Export to iCal for events will work correctly now on Mac osx 10.6

* BUG: 4452 Fixed event's url in emails after approving the request.

* BUG: 4497 When retrieving the timezone, the system will no longer get the daylight saving offset. It only retrieves the user timezone now.


* BUG: 4492 Birthday mapping should map the date correctly now provided that the Facebook user allows the date to be displayed in their profile.


* BUG: 4495 Video files uploaded are properly tested now.


* BUG: 4472 Links in frontpage latest groups will link correctly now.

* BUG: 4488 Redirected URL will no longer contain invalid chars when trying to login from a non accessible page. (4.04 MB)



  1. 2010-10-20 22:31

    thanks boycj i want to instal the jomsocial application but i dont now if i have to instal the firs
    jomsocial1.6 ,???? then make the Update or this download is install the application and the Update.

  2. 2010-10-09 2:59

    JomSocial v1.8.10 Update... where?

  3. 2010-10-04 16:28

    anyone got good jomsocial plugins like auto group?anything be great

  4. 2010-10-02 0:09

    thaksss thankssss

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