JomEstate Pro - Full But Cripted

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JomEstate Pro - Full But Cripted

jomEstate PRO is perfect for independent estate agents, property rental companies and property developers! Managing your Properties online could not be easier than JomEstate PRO. Loaded with features which will not only enhance your website but also present your properties in a design which complements your existing website. Easy Installation and configuration make it suiable even for less experienced users!

This is a full version of JomEstate Pro (realestate professional component).... but is completely crypted by ioncube.

Please decrypt this for all friends of boycj :P



  1. 2012-08-27 8:10

    Share again, please

  2. 2012-07-27 19:17

    please share file

  3. 2011-09-06 20:18

    This piece of software is beta status - not working for anyone.

  4. 2011-08-09 4:19

    please share file

  5. 2011-08-09 4:18

    please share file

  6. 2011-03-03 21:33

    yes this is original pack but is fully crypted :( please share decrypted file :(

  7. 2011-02-28 0:29

    Fatal error: The encoded file C:xampphtdocshomecomponentscom_jomestatelibrariesimage.php requires a
    license file. The license file C:xampphtdocshomecomponentscom_jomestatelic.txt has expired. in Unknown on line

  8. 2011-02-27 18:48
    yoni katz

    OMG !@!!! Lots and lots of thanks!

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