JFBConnect v4.1.1 for J1.5, J1.6 and J1.7 - 01/11/2012

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JFBConnect v4.1.1 for J1.5, J1.6 and J1.7 - 01/11/2012

JFBConnect v4.1.1 for J1.5 and J1.7


Enh: Add content plugin option to automatically set description to first 100 characters of article text

Enh: Add update server for Joomla 1.7 to component, modules and parameters

Enh: Add analytics tracking for Comments

Enh: Reorder To and From columns in Notifications tables

Enh: Canvas - Add new option for "Use Default" if no template override specified

Bug Fix: Increase Requests send limit

Bug Fix: Store return URL in return parameter instead of session

Bug Fix: Add cache busting to javascript file

Bug Fix: Multiple requests on same page don't work

Bug Fix: SCLogin does not work with Community Builder register type

Bug Fix: Canvas - allow styles to be set instead of template for J1.7

Bug Fix: Fix analytics tracking for Likes

Bug Fix: Fix javascript request for Mootools 1.1

Bug Fix: Blank thanks URL should not refresh

Bug Fix: Add javascript for Extra social buttons for system plugin tags

Bug Fix: Non-mapped required fields not saving properly for JomSocial




Download 4.1.2:



  1. 2012-04-26 2:39

    JFBConnect v4.2.0 latest update, share please

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