JFBConnect v4.0.3 for J1.5, J1.6 and J1.7 - 10/03/2011 - RETAIL

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JFBConnect v4.0.3 for J1.5, J1.6 and J1.7 - 10/03/2011 - RETAIL

FBConnect v4.0.3 for J1.5 and J1.7 - RETAIL

@FBConnect v4.0.3 for J1.5, J1.6 and J1.7 (10/03/2011)


#Bug Fix - Updated Admin Overview page to properly work with multiple app domains, recently added by Facebook

#Enh - Display the Secure Page Tab and Secure Canvas URL's for verification of proper setup for Facebook's Oct 1st requirement to have these configured

#Enh - Cleanup of some display issues in admin area






  1. 2012-01-17 21:09

    NewOne please update latest 4.1.1 update thanks alot man..

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    download link for the latest 4.1.1 update???

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    where is the update file??? 4.1.1 ??? anyone share plzzz

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    please share with us the latest update.. thank you so much!!!!!!!

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    please share this with us.. thank you so much

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    anyone, please share.. thank you

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    JFBConnect v4.1.1 update, please share it now!!! admin please share this file..

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    JFBConnect v4.1.1 update, please share it!!! pleaseeeee...

  9. 2012-01-10 23:19

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  11. 2012-01-10 13:36

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  12. 2012-01-10 12:21

    JFBConnect 4.1 Update, anyone please share with us please.. thank u so much

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    JFBConnect 4.1 Update, upload it and share it man..

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    JFBConnect 4.1 Update, upload it now man.. share it now.. hehehe

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    JFBConnect 4.1 Update, upload it now..

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    JFBConnect 4.1 Update, please please please share now thanks alot

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    JFBConnect 4.1 Update, please share with us.. thanks alot

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    JFBConnect 4.1 Update, please share and upload here..

  19. 2012-01-06 9:28

    JFBC 4.1 Update, please share now thanks alot..

  20. 2012-01-03 14:31

    JFBConnect 4.1 update, please share with us.. alot of bugfix, improvement, enchance etc.. share with us
    please..changelog:-Major Features Facebook Application Requests - Replaces JFBCInvite module Facebook
    Application Requests Allow users to easily invite their Facebook Friends to admin-defined pages Create
    unlimited requests to be used for different pages or features Application requests can be sent from admin area
    to all, or individual, users on site Full tracking of which user (both Joomla and Facebook) sent the
    request Full tracking of which users acted upon request inside Facebook Per Facebook, application requests
    require a valid SSL certificate installed for your site. For information on obtaining an SSL cert, see our
    Facebook SSL guide. Component Enh - Add the ability to send Facebook Application Requests Enh -
    Replace JFBCLogin with SCLogin module to add cross-integration with JLinked Enh - Add LinkedIn button
    to Login/Register page (if JLinked is installed) Enh - Update Login module to discontinue use
    of deprecated fb:profile-pic Enh - Automatically determine required permissions based on configuration
    settings; remove deprecated permissions fields. Now works with Facebook's enhanced auth dialog box,
    rolling out in Q1 2012 Enh - Update the XFBML namespace tag Enh - Accept custom language locale
    strings with a hyphen Enh - Add sorting to User Map administrator view Enh - Add Sent/Received
    notifications fields to User Map administrator view Enh - Add Joomla and Facebook avatar images to User
    Map administrator view Enh - Remove bundled cert and disable SSL validation settings Enh - Store
    Facebook access token to DB for later offline use Enh - Install: Switch builder to use .zip files instead
    of tar.gz for better Windows compatibility Enh - Install: Use new Joomla 1.7 installer and upgrade
    functions Bug Fix - Fix class conflict if JFBConnect and JLinked are both installed Bug Fix -
    Translate Powered By text Bug Fix - German language string mistake Bug Fix - Fix fb:locale warning in
    Facebook Debug Tool Bug Fix - Update to use proper language when using language switcher plugin in Joomla
    1.7 Bug Fix - Fix logout redirection failure when logging out of registered page Bug Fix - Use
    redirect/return page in URL if it exists Profile Profiles Enh - Only take first website during profile
    import Enh - Don't import blank data for profiles Enh - Update profile integration for current
    Facebook user fields (work, education, etc) Bug Fix - Copy avatar before creating full avatar and
    thumbnail with JomSocial profile plugin for compatibility with ImageMagick Bug Fix - Remove duplicate
    profile connect message Bug Fix - Status is always imported into JomSocial, regardless of "Always
    Import" setting Bug Fix - Multi-profiles selected as needs approval don't work for JomSocial
    plugin Social Enh - Add Google Analytics tracking on Like button Enh - Add new module/tag for
    Subscribe Button Enh - Add link target field to JFBCRecommendations Enh - Add link target field to
    JFBCFeed Enh - Add size field to JFBCFriends Enh - Update K2 items to use the item main image, if set,
    instead of the first article image for og:image tag Enh - Allow users to turn off LinkedIn, Twitter, and
    GooglePlus buttons individually in the content plugin Enh - Add new tag for Comments Count Enh -
    Update content plugin to show comments count instead of comment box when Comments number is 0 or blank
    (Great for blog views) Enh - Allow custom (non og) tags for Open Graph Bug Fix - Set
    og:type default to website for homepage and article for everything else Bug Fix - K2 Category list menu
    item does not work with Content Plugin for multiple categories Canvas/Tab Page Enh - Update Add to
    Page link in the Page Tab config area Enh - Use setAutoGrow instead of setAutoResize in Canvas views Enh
    - Update for fluid canvas page widths

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