JB Responsive 2.0.2 J1.5 & J1.7

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JB Responsive 2.0.2 J1.5 & J1.7

Combine the power of the 250+ font families available in the Google Font Directory with the simplicity of the Typekit font replacement system.

Easily change template colours using the built-in colour picker and custom selectors.

All templates are easily localised by simply editing or creating your own language translation of both the template admin and the template front end.

The Responsive Joomla Template is built on Zen Grid Framework v2 - our Joomla template framework.

The functionality and workflow in the new version is not a significant departure from the v1+ Zen Grid Framework Templates and so while we finish the new kneolwedgebase please refer to the current Zen Grid Framework documentation.




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    Packages which are all j17

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