JB Pretty Slider

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JB Pretty Slider

Pretty Slider Gallery is a Joomla module that will have your images sliding and fading in no time. It is coupled with the prettyPhoto overlay and the image resize script from Shifting Pixel so the module is able to resize your images on the fly and display the full size original in an elegant lightbox. This great Joomla image slider modulewill spice up any image gallery with smooth effects and no need for extra bulky components.


* Displays as many images as your space allows * Pulls the images directly from one directory * Automatically resizes the images to fit the space you need * Use the gallery as a traditional light box and display the full size image in a lightbox popup. * Allows you to add titles and just using the file name, and you decide if its displayed * Complete control over the resizing of the thumbnail image. * Easy to use controls to change the settings within the Joomla module manager * Full control over animation speed and settings


Pretty Slider is easy to an easy to use, beautiful sliding image gallery that will spice up your old image gallery. Setting up the gallery is as simple as designating a folder where the images should be pulled from and the module will do the rest.

JB_PrettySlider_J1.5_v1.1.4.zip (442 KB)



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