January Template - Scroller 2

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January Template - Scroller 2

Scroller Mark II is a mash up of the very popular Scroller and Habitat templates. The emphasis in this design is on wide open scrolling spaces and features the mootools fx.scroll effect and throws it into some slightly left of field habitat environments. It also has a great looking a new sliding suckerfish moo menu to boot.


* 10 Fresh Backgrounds * Vertical Sliding Suckerfish Menu * Mootools Control Panel * Full control over scroll effect. * 13 Modules (inc 9 user modules that do the scrolling) * Smoothbox Loaded * IE6 PNG Transparency fix built in. * PNG and PSD source files included * XHTML and CSS valid

Browser compatibility

We have tested this template extensively in IE6, IE7, FF 2.0 (mac and pc), Safari 2.0 (mac) 3.0 (mac and pc), Opera, Camino.Joomla Compatibility


Module Positions



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