JAchievements v0.5.1

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JAchievements v0.5.1

A great achievement system users for social network JomSocial.

Any user of any social network wants to stand out from the rest of any of his achievements in a particular area. JAchievements - a complete solution for creating a performance system users of social networks of any subject!

Changelog 0.5.1

1. Optimization of SQL queries to the database. Number of database queries is minimized. 2. Fixed the following issues:

* Bug in IE6-7 incorrectly displayed icons * Error in pagination pages * In the admin area. If not specified the conditions and actions to achieve still persists * In the admin, if you specify incorrect values size error occurs and will not be created * In the admin area in the parameters. in the path with forbidden symbols, icons are not created * In the admin during the installation option does not automatically create icons, icons are not created or saved * In the backend, while maintaining the achievement is not removed the action * When issuing the achievements through the admin panel does nothing to add tape activity * Site notaysy page list of all achievements * Site notaysy list of achievements Users * Does not work for the achievement count of achievements. * Condition "for count of articles in the zoo" When you create to achieve an error. * SQL error when checking the conditions "authorization of a birthday" * The condition number of private communications "is not true in-law * The site is not written correctly in the tape recording of activity * Condition "Number of posts in the blog MyBlog". Defect * Failed to show achievement of the module "Latest dostzheniya. * In the admin area. notays when you hover on the achievement name in the list of achievements users * Condition "Number of comments in Jcomments". Defect * The condition number of video "is not true in-law * Condition is "Number of the photo and the condition of" count of albums is not true in-law. defect * The condition for the completeness of the profile. " Not given * Action "Adding entries to a tape" did not correctly handled by the line * Condition "for the number of invited friends" does not work * Condition "for the number of friends" is checked before you add information about friends in the film * In the admin area. Made achievement. The default is to not publish. defect * Creating achievements JComments * After removal of the achievements in the assets of the streamer is a link to a remote achievement * No action is adding to Activiti stri * Not true tested conditions for registration and for registration number * Not true displays date of receipt of achieving



  1. 2012-10-05 14:44

    not work in joomla 2.5 .. a need this =(

  2. 2011-02-04 2:37

    http://hotfile.com/dl/100610302/499914f/jachiv051.zip.html Enjoy :)

  3. 2011-02-03 22:16

    http://www.ziddu.com/download/13653993/jachiv051.zip.htmlEnjoy :)

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