jAccounts v1.5 - Extreme Joomla

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jAccounts v1.5 - Extreme Joomla

jAccounts Quoting and Invoicing System

Send quotes and invoices easily! Receive payments automatically.

Now you can send out your quotes and invoices and collect payments with jAccounts and, of course, the best open source Web Content Management System - Joomla!. Your industry can be anything that requires quoting and invoicing, ideally the service-based industries are targeted with this initial release. More industry-specific variations are currently being created.

* Send quotes to clients

* Auto-generate the corresponding invoices

* Accept payments online

* and more!

What is jAccounts?

jAccounts is a comprehensive quoting and invoicing system that integrates directly into Joomla!, the award-winning CMS system.

Why choose jAccounts?

We realize that there are dozens of CMS systems that are available. But we FIRMLY believe that Joomla! is the best. Based on this fact we are determined to provide high-quality components that integrate into this incredible CMS to further enhance the user's experience. jAccounts was created as part of a greater system that is still in the works and begin developed...interested? We are actively seeking beta-testers to help us as we put the finishing touches on.

Features Highlight

* Services manageable

* WYSIWYG editor for descriptions

* Quotes assigned to users (clients)

* Invoices auto-generated upon quote save

* Clients can accept/deny quotes

* Quotes publish/unpublish capabilities

* Invoices publish/unpublish capabilities

* Invoices made available upon quote acceptance

* Emails completely configurable

* Configuration Manager

* Setup number of invoices

* Setup payment gateway

* Easy to edit stylesheet




  1. 2010-12-10 1:04

    brother go the the joomla user manager and create account for your client it will show you in the client
    field of jaccounts Regards sharaf

  2. 2010-11-24 11:04

    Hi..thank you very much boycj...... for your all services only HTML page is download in above link please
    provide me valuable link to download regards s....f

  3. 2010-06-09 2:20

    I installed it. Installed great, but when I go to create a invoice it did not pick up any of my users. I
    can not assign an invoice to anyone. Please help...client is blank

  4. 2009-10-18 21:10

    First install the two components, after installation go to JA access to create a group. for administrator
    set all the options to enable, enable, enable etc. Hit the save button. you now have Authorisation as an

  5. 2009-03-14 17:06

    hi, i downloaded this and installed . installed successfully but in the component (backend) when i
    click on jAccocunts it sayd "NO AUTH". i don't know why. there are no config parameters and
    nothing. i created a menu selected selected typr jAccount and published but nothing is happening .
    couldn't find the solutions . please help.thanks & regards

  6. 2008-04-11 6:53

    谢谢!! 我汉化.....

  7. 2008-04-10 19:41


  8. 2008-04-10 17:02

    但是需要先安装 Jaccess1.5 没找到......

  9. 2008-04-10 15:21


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