IT Bloggy - November 08 Joomla Template

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IT Bloggy - November 08 Joomla Template

模板名称: Bloggy商业版权: Icetheme适用版本: Joomla 1.5演示地址: Live Demo

IT Bloggy joins the increasing range of next generation IceTheme templates. Give your blogs the unique style and designer look they deserve. Available in 4 stunning colours, our November template gives you the versatility you need, adjustable directly from the template administration panel. With a whole host of specialised modules to choose from, IT Bloggy enables you add high-end design to your blog, allowing you to concentrate on the content while creating that all-important great first impression.

IT Bloggy adds a new dimension to the blogging website trend. Check out the demo to see this exciting new template for yourself.

Some of the features are:

* Focused on blog layout the articles are displayed as blog posts * Two new exciting features, FontSlider to rightmenu to make the most of your content * Completely rewritten Article/Category/Frontpage/Section pages for maximum usability * Extreme Grid Based Design * 3 column based layout * DropDown Main Menu and Other Menu (on the right) * Font Switcher * Compressed CSS and Javascript with Gzipp * 100% tabless design and CSS based * Joomla 1.5 compatible * IcSlider (3 sliding options), IceAccordion and IceSlidShow modules available * Photoshop layout, Fonts and Sample Data available on the download section * Cross Browser Support * Internet Explorer 6 Block Script

IT Bloggy Full Package(15.07 MB)



  1. 2013-09-26 7:09

    Ryan, The lifespan of the 1.6 <a
    href="">platrofm</a> is super short. I wouldn't
    bother with it, unless you believe that the effort would be ultimately justified when it is time to move to
    2.0.But as I understand it, Joomla will be supporting 1.5 all the way up to the 2.0 release. So 1.6-1.9
    are all exercises in futility.Personally, I'm still building on the 1.5 <a
    href="">platrofm</a>. And I don't plan to move
    up until we get to 2.0.

  2. 2013-09-24 11:15

    believe it or not, I am working on that just have a LOT of<a
    href=""> thngis</a> going on right now about 5 different
    sites I'm administering and also providing training and support for an online software company just hard
    to find time in a day but, I do want to do this and have some videos I've been working on that are
    similar to what you're saying here

  3. 2013-09-23 8:48

    You put the Google Analytics html code on every page that you want to be tracked and anelzyad, doesn't
    matter if its a blog or not but it has to be on every page if you want it to show in the Analytics.Obviously
    you use the same profile.

  4. 2011-12-23 20:32

    plese reupload this template. and send link to my email *thanks

  5. 2009-10-26 0:50

    where is the quickstart.?

  6. 2009-04-13 11:43

    thanks for the links , great job man

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  8. 2009-02-18 5:00

    And the
    links!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!I love
    this theme!!!!

  9. 2009-02-06 19:44

    please help someone to get this template - no link here

  10. 2009-02-06 19:35

    please help someone to get this template - no link here

  11. 2009-02-06 19:31

    ...nice theme ;-) but there is no link!!Please !!!

  12. 2009-01-30 3:49

    Thanks for the info

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