Infuse v1.5.3 Update - RocketTheme Template

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Infuse v1.5.3 Update - RocketTheme Template

模板名称: Infuse v1.5.3商业版权: RocketTheme适用版本: Joomla 1.5.x演示地址: Live Demo完整版本: Full Package

The Infuse Joomla 1.5 template has been updated to version 1.5.3 with fixes errors relating to php4, blog layout spacing as well as a font botton bug.

Version: 1.5.3

* Minor fixes for blog layout spacing * Fix for php4 issues on some servers * Minor fix for font button issue.

Changed Files (template) - Located in the /templates/rt_infuse_j15 directory upon installation:

* /css/template.css * /styles.php * templateDetails.xml

Infuse v1.5.3 Full Package (77.23 MB)



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    please, upload v1.7

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