impact menu V1.2 for J1.5&J1.6

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impact menu V1.2 for J1.5&J1.6

Impact Menu is Joomla module that uses jquery to present a menu that combines an image with your menu items for a unique look and presentation. When you hover a menu item, an image builds itself as the background while the sub menu gently fades in.

The module allows for up to 10 main menu items and as many items as you can fit in level 2. You can adjust many parameters of the menu in the module parameters. You can upload your own images, change colors and more.

Impact Menu Changelog

Version 1.0 - 6/20/11Initial Release

Version 1.1 - 8/9/11Updated to JQuery 1.5Add JQuery extensions compatibility

Version 1.2 - 8/27/2011Minor bug fixes

Version 1.3 - 9/8/2011Fixed white background issueAdded image preloadingAdded active parent menu item imageFixed separator bugFixed restricted access uploading errorDemo:



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